10 March 2012

The Proof is in the Pudding

I just finished the pudding cap for my toddler--details about the project are chronicled here at the Crazy Concord Chicks blog. I found two great sources for supplies--the velvet ribbon trim and the lambswool stuffing--through Etsy.

Fini Ribbon, from California, specializes in vintage ribbon and I bought their 1930s/1940s black velvet ribbon to trim the cap. The pictures don't show how pretty--and soft--it is!

A bag of lambswool with
my toddler's rocking lamb.
Shepherds Lane, from Oregon, sells several different types of wool fibers from their sheep. I chose wool from their Border Leicester wool lamb.

Knowing that Colonial Williamsburg's rare breeds program includes Leicester Longwool Sheep this seemed like a good fit. It's sold in one pound increments so I received a fairly large shipment. The pudding cap didn't require very much so I have lots leftover for future projects.

As you can see, the proof is in--and on--the pudding.

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