17 October 2013

1799 Bonnet

As part of my What Cheer Day preparations, I made this super cute, and super easy, little bonnet which came together in just about a day. Here's how I made it...
I used this great 1799 French fashion print as my inspiration.

Costume Parisien, 1799

Using the standard "Jane Austen straw bonnet" as my base, I trimmed about three inches from the brim.

I then made a pattern...

...and a little "fitting muslin".

I then took a deep breath and convinced myself that it was OK to cut the small stash of Vera Wang bridal silk that I've been hoarding for several years. After a few curse words and pricked fingers (sewing through the straw and handling this amazing silk was rather nerve racking at points) it was ready for its What Cheer Day debut.

For What Cheer Day I used a different ribbon than what's pictured above, which I pinned onto the silk. I had thought that tying the ribbon under the chin would hold the bonnet in place fairly well, but that wasn't the case. Next time I  wear it I will definitely use a hat pin...though I hate to think about how the pin will pierce the silk. Overall I loooove how it came out and think it's a good match to the original it's based upon.

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