17 February 2016

Prepping for Princess Charlotte's Ball

A semi timely blog post...huzzah! -- Last month I whipped up a Regency gown with the last of the India cotton I snagged last summer. Using a  homemade pattern, which I modeled after...
 c.1810 gown, The Met Accession Number 11.60.226

...this cotton and wool gown from The Met along with...

 1805-1810 Gown, The Met Accession Number C.I.43.13.6
...the back of this cotton gown from The Met (since there are no images showing the back of the red gown).

A few construction process photos...

(Notice that fancy new sofa!)
Several of my previous Regency gowns use a drawstring to close at the back. I've found that this gaps and shows my underpetticoat/stays/shift. Blah! To avoid this, I added a few hooks and eyes.
A detail of attaching the stroke gathers from the center back skirt to the bodice.
The band along the center waist is prick stitched in place...
...and nicely matches the pattern on the fashion fabric.
A detail of the center back.
I whipped some vintage red grosgrain ribbon over the center band.

I love the pop of color it adds!

I added two tucks on the skirt panels, one under each bust, to add shape and to make the gown less boxy.

Snowman photobomb!

For shoes, I experimented with dying these white satin bridesmaid shoes.
I used three coats of red dye from American Duchess...
...and covered the back and inside rim with blue painting tape to minimize bleeding...
...which worked well! I also applied a coat of Scotch Guard.
The finished shoes are based after this pair:

1810-1830 Slippers, National Trust 1348832.1

With friends at the Princess Charlotte Ball, hosted 
by the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers in Salem, MA.

 Mrs. G looked amazing at her first Regency event!

 Silly ball selfies!

 Photo courtesy Mrs. G.
 Photo courtesy Mrs. G.
 Photo courtesy Mrs. G.
 Photo courtesy Mrs. G.
Photo courtesy Mrs. G.

Photo courtesy Mrs. G.

Photo courtesy @ntadams via Instagram.

A video of The Gallop is below. There's something extra special about attending a Regency ball in an 1816 building!


  1. Lovely gown! That block-printed fabric lent itself to your design just perfectly, and the accessories really made the look!

  2. The dress looks really nice and the ball looks fun. If you make your dress over for your daughter, she'll look just like American Girl doll Caroline http://www.kindredthread.com/2014/01/cool_cotton-2/ and https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/48/48/ae/4848aea6d69880e7ac63b4797369f74c.jpg

    1. Thanks for the links and pointing that out...my daughter has the Caroline doll! I'm bummed they discontinued her, it's good to know there are nice dresses available. My next project actually involves attempting to make coordinating "history dresses" for her two AG dolls. : )

    2. There are lots of great patterns out there depending on how accurate you get. Keepers Dolly Duds, Thimbles and Acorns : http://www.pixiefaire.com/collections/18-inch-doll-historical-clothing-patterns
      I also found some at www.fancyfrocks.com
      Colonial Williamsburg has also doll dress patterns. You can tweak the patterns to make them more accurate if you can't get it right on your own. I pay someone to do the hard work. I just do the research and shopping.

  3. Hooorah! Gorgeous dress! Well done, and what a lot of fun that occasion seems. You look as excited as Lydia Bennett to be at a ball!

  4. Beautiful ensemble! Love the fabric, the extra steps you took to improve the silhouette, the matching slippers, everything. And such perfect little stitches! Brava!


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