06 May 2011

Needlework Bag

Some people love shoes. I love handbags. *Sew* my next project (partly inspired by Colonial Williamsburg's current Fashion Accessories Head to Toe exhibit) focuses on a late 18th century needlework bag.

I embroidered linen with silk following the pattern in the needlework bag kit by Alyce Schroth Sampler Recreations. (I'm a big fan of her beautiful and affordable hand dyed silks.)

I had a scrap of green linen that I had used to make a petticoat awhile back. I'm using this for the lining because a) I thought the colors complimented the embroidery and b) the lighter weight of this linen seems nice with the heavier weight of the embroidered linen. I know silk is found more frequently in museum collections but, for my purposes (i.e.: durability and coordinating with the fashion fabric) the green linen seemed a decent choice and keeping in the lines of historical accuracy since both fabrics are 100% linen.

Forthcoming - constructing and sewing the bag.

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