20 April 2016

27 Dresses (plus one or two)

This spring marks five years of blogging and I've passed a costuming milestone--27 dresses. Here are the gowns I've created since I was bit with the costuming bug in 2009, in no particular order. (For definition purposes I have not included infant gowns, short gowns or bedgowns since these garments are relatively simple to construct and do not require setting sleeves.)

Gown from this past February.
Girls early 19th century frock.

Regency gown

1795 work gown
Green wool gown

Another early 19th century girl's frock

Gold silk ball gown
Late 1780s gown

Floral cotton gown 

Girls 1780s-style gown

Early 19th century Quaker gown

1780s striped gown

Printed cotton Regency ball gown

c1800 / 1820 gown

Brown linen gown

Ann Franklin Lewis gown

Sukey Copley's gown

Crazy brown gown

An experimental gown that I've never worn

Striped linen gown

18-teens gowns

My favorite one! 

Another 18-teens gown

1760s/1770s girl's gown

 Mr first gown made from fabric purchased in Paris. (Photo courtesy Newport Historical Society)

 Blue worsted wool gown. (Photo courtesy Newport Historical Society)

 Red lampas silk gown (photo courtesy Newport Historical Society)

1760s silk gown (photo courtesy Lew Keen)

And there's one more that I'll share in my next post...

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