30 June 2011

Miniature Portraits

Maybe it's just my perception, but I think miniature portraits are an underutilized primary source for researching accessories and gowns. Here are highlights of some the V&A's miniatures...

English, 1775-1780
accession number P.94-1910
English, c.1780
accession number P.71-1910
It looks like her sleeve pleats are at the top of her shoulder. I usually pleat my sleeves towards the back.
Misses Annabella and Mary Craufurd painted by Samuel Shelley, 1782
accession number P.7-1925
Viennese, 1780s
accession number P.25-1954
English, 1780s
accession number P.20-1929
I love love  love the trim on her hat. I just wish we could see the other side. 
English, 1780s
accession number P.26-1941
Frances Susan Lambton, 1796
accession number EVANS.241

This article from The Met includes background information about miniatures and a nice slideshow from their collections. 

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  1. Oh, it's too funny - most of the images you posted I have in my "collection" too! Great minds think alike... They're so great for researching hair and hats.

    Have you seen http://www.miniaturen-tansey.de/en/ ? Great collection with a sweet zoom feature!


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