13 July 2011

Blue Chintz Gown

This past weekend was near perfect weather. After a Sunday program (since I was already in costume), I took a few pictures on one of my favorite 18th century streets wearing my favorite gown. 

This blue chintz cotton is by Makower UK and was purchased at Tissus Reine in Paris, France. (For Amélie fans, Tissus Reine is in Montmatre across the street from the Ferris wheel!)  

My red shoesthe new buckles and some terribly slouching stockings.

Lady Augusta Fredrika this is for you - Axel von Fersen stayed in this house 
during the American Revolutionary War.


  1. Nice photos and pretty gown!

    A photo for me? Well thank you so much! (I'm not a big fan of Axel von Fersen, even if he looks quite handsome in some portraits.)

  2. Thank you! I just wanted to share that bit about Mr. von Fersen as it's the only 18th century Swedish connection I know of. (By the way, the house is being painted so it doesn't normally look like that.)

  3. Nice Pictures and a very lovely gown.



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