07 July 2011

Green Gown - part one, again

In my first attempt at the center back panel, after it was all pleated and prick stitched, I tried cutting the fabric along the lining. But, in a late night blur, I cut right across fabric at the center bottom...right across the skirt seam. Duh!! I couldn't repair this mistake without it looking awful so I abandoned my first attempt. Fortunately I had one last panel of fabric which was just long enough for the center back. I salvaged the lining from attempt #1 and started from scratch...

I re-pleated...
...and re-prick stitched.
The pleats came out better this time. There is more fabric and fullness beneath the pleats, which wasn't the case in my first attempt (and an issue I had with the pink summer gown). My lesson learned: don't cut fabric late at night. 

I'm happy to report that the sleeves are completed and ready to be set. (The lining is sewn to the fashion fabric using the 18th century technique that I used in my needlework bag.)

Next: attaching the bodice and skirt panels, and lots more pleating. 

Deadline: Two weeks to go!

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