08 August 2011

Museum of London Inspired Gown - Part Two

My Museum of London-inspired gown is nearly complete and I'm several days ahead of schedule.

As I mentioned before, I had to machine sew the center seam in the center back panel. I tried hand sewing this several times but my back stitches were too crooked and the stripes wouldn't line up neatly. 

In my last post I talked about making the panels much skinnier than I have worked with before (20 inches wide instead of 30 inches wide). When pleating this section, I found the lack of fabric challenging. Less fabric to tuck under meant that there was less fabric to form the stripe pattern.

The center back panel all cut and ready for the skirt  panels and bodice. 
My new sleeves.
The skirt panel - pleated, pinned and waiting for basting stitches. The 20 inch skirt panels were much easier to pleat than the green gown. 

When finishing the top of the center back panel I cut the stripes so that....

...they're just like the original. 

And here's the gown with everything attached. It just needs a sash and a little trim. 


My favorite part of the process was when...

...my ten month old started developing an appreciation for fabric.
And she hijacked a skirt panel! 


  1. What a lovely dress! Sewing with stripes and graphic patterns on fabric is always a challenge - and it was a challenge that wasn't always mastered by the seamstresses back then either. Your result is wonderful!!!

  2. Oh isn't she cute!!!! Hopefully it is a good sign that she will follow in your creative footsteps :)

  3. Thank you so much Mrs C and Sabine!!

  4. You did an awesome job on this gown, the color suited you perfectly and the red sash was stunning.


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