30 October 2011

Polly's Pocket

My pocket is done. Here's how it all came together. 

After "pick pocketing" some museum's collections, I guesstimated the shape and size which I drew on the fabric.

I included a second piece of lighter weight white linen to use as the lining so the embroidery won't snag and catch on my pocket's goodies.

Obviously, I cut it out...

...and made the center slit.

Remember my Fab Fabric Find? I removed the border from two napkins and pieced them together to use as the back.

I then traced the pocket...

...and cut it out...

...and got ready for the good part: sewing it all together. 

I borrowed advice from the V&A's website about making your own pocket. I backstitched the layers together and covered the raw edges with linen tape.

The tricky part came at the bottom of the slit where I tried to meet two pieces of linen tape at the slit's curve.

A detail of the cotton pieced together. 

(By the way, I call it "Polly's pocket" not just for the pun of the children's toy, but because the young woman I interpret was / is named Polly.)


  1. Your pocket is beautiful! I loved seeing how you made it.

  2. I really like your 'Polly's Pocket' (:


  3. I love your pin cushion! Did you embroider it?

    1. Thank you! I actually bought it from Textile Reproductions. There's an article with directions for Irish Stitch on their website at: http://www.textilereproductions.com/pdfs/Irishstich_Canvaswork.pdf


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