17 December 2011

Holiday Decorations Colonial (Revival) Style

Due to my very toddling toddler, the Christmas tree is not in the living this year--it's in the dining room. The hub for colonial goodies in my house.

To help not over Victorian-ize my most colonial space I used colonial-inspired decorating ideas and wanted to share a few. (Please keep in mind I used only things that I already had around the house and I'm trying to stay semi-toddler-proofed.)

(No, this is not my dining room.)
On my recent visit to the Winterthur Museum, one of the rooms on their Yuletide Tour featured a dining room that had ribbon draped through the chandelier as seen above. I found this really inspiring and raided my ribbon stash to weave through my decorating this year... 

I threaded some gold ribbon through my chandelier. I pinned the ends of the ribbon together like a flat felled seam so it looks continuous. 

 I used red "chandles" and my "lanthorn" atop my buffet...

 ...and I borrowed my red check throw towel from my stash of living history accessories. This was made from leftover fabric from an apron.

I then hung the stockings with care...

...on the bookcase as we don't have a fireplace.  I used my knit mitts from my living history stuff to add an extra touch of winter colonial accents, while staying toddler-friendly.

I also wrapped a piece of red check ribbon around my repro rake.

Since I didn't have any festive linens long enough for my console, I used three napkins to act as the runner.

With my little one being at the very inquisitive age, I can no longer store my collection of repro bowls on the console's shelves. I've temporarily replaced them with wooden spoons which have become one of her favorite things to rearrange.

But to make the spoons more festive, I tied red and green ribbon around them.

Do you have any colonial (revival) Christmas decorating tips?


  1. Oh, so cute! I love your decorations. You are very creative with what you have!
    Merry Christmas,

  2. I love your decorations! The ribbons on the table are so festive.


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