14 July 2012

July Giveaway & Etsy Sale

In May, I hosted a Pay It Forward Handmade giveaway. Tami Crandall, one of the two winners, very kindly made the fabulous apron pictured below for me to pass along to a lucky winner. To enter, leave a comment below or on my facebook page by Friday July 20th and the winner will be announced on July 21st. I will mail the apron to one lucky winner anywhere in the world.

And because I've been crazy busy getting ready to move and buy a house next month, I'm also offering free shipping on my Etsy shop with the promo code "MOVING". This offer is also good through July 20th. Cheers!

 Many thanks to my sister for modeling the apron. :)


  1. I Love Pay It Forward - it makes your day. It happened to me in a drive thru coffee shop and I paid for the next person. The apron is beautiful and would be loved by whoever wins. Thanks for the opportunity
    Ann Madges

  2. what a cuteee apron! will definetely encourage me to explore in the kitchen! great giveaway!


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