01 November 2012

A Few Nights in the Dark

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy we lost power for three days. Many had/have it much worse and I'm not definitely not complaining. During my time in the dark, I had a few observations about life that's a step towards the 18th century... 

  • Changing stinky diapers by candlelight must have been uber tricky. 

  • Candles from candle stick holders offer much more light than candles from jars or modern camp lanterns.
It's certainly inconvenient, and chilly, to not have electricity. There were several moments that felt like a scene from NBC's Revolution (which I usually love to mock)--like when my car key's battery decided to work intermittently. 

However there's something special about looking out your front door, through a glowing full moon and no modern light, to see a candle flickering in the window of my neighbor's gambrel home. 

Trying to flat fell seams by L.L. Bean lantern light, which didn't work well. 

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  1. It's funny, but I can spend many happy evenings at home not turning the lights on or using any electricity, but the minute you take it away I suddenly find I can't live without it!


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