09 January 2013

A (Sewing) Room of One's Own

Last August we moved. It's taken me months, but I've finally found a little time to organize my sewing room and costume accoutrement.

At our old house, I had half of a room for my sewing stuff...

...which was part guest room...

...part library and part baby changing station. 

This is what my new sewing room looked like on move-in day...

What a mess!

I wanted to share some of my organizing tips.

I keep my patterns in magazine files. I really like the KNUFF Magazine file from Ikea ($9.99 for a set of two), though the Container Store sells similar ones in fun colors (Bright Stockholm Magazine File, $9.99 each).

I use baskets to organize thread...

...and living history accessories, and I've labeled everything to help remember 
what is where.

Candle jars and small floral vases are great for storing things like ribbon and lace. I especially love the Kringle Candle apothecary jars, which have removable labels. 

My canvas over the door shoe rack works well for organizing little things.

Like the baskets, each pocket is labeled
and it's a great spot to pin American Duchess portrait buttons.

I made it toddler-friendly by putting soft fuzzy items in the bottom pockets, 
and anything pin-related away from curious two-year old fingers.

Kitty Calash, I thought you might appreciate 
my Andrew J. Gale Fancy Dry Goods ad. :)

I love having extra wall space to hang my hats/bonnets!

I've discovered that the velvet hangers are the best for hanging 18th century gowns. 

I'm so glad to have a room of my own...and a room with a view!


  1. Lovely sewing room! Mine is in my basement with lots of room to spread out, a whole dining room table and an old kitchen countertop for cutting on...but the only view I have is hideous 70s carpet of brown, yellow and orange. Alas. I think I would trade it for a picturesque landscape.

    1. Thank you! Having a cutting table must be very handy!

  2. Your new sewing room looks great! I love the over the door shoe rack organizer, I think I'll have to get one of those!

    1. Thanks! The shoe rack thing is *really* helpful! I really like how this one, which is from The Container Store, is made from fabric and that it's not plastic.

  3. Ooo congratulations on your new room! How exciting!

  4. sweet! and I do like your dry goods ad. My sewing table is our dining room table/homework table/cat runway, which is not too good. Your new room is lovely, think what great things you can make!


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