21 January 2013


This past weekend I took the Hive's super fabulous bandbox workshop where I made this adorable little box.

It's covered with eye-catching reproduction wallpaper...

 ...and lined with reproduction newspaper clippings.

Mine isn't perfect...as you can see from the wrinkles and dark gray spots, I over-glued. 

Here are a few photos from the construction process...
 It's sewn together, not glued. 

 Almost done...

 ...everyone's completed boxes!

Perhaps the best part of this workshop was that it was completed in just a few hours. I didn't walk away with another project for my "Sew What?" basket (my collection of slowly progressing projects). And it was super easy.

After learning how to construct a bandbox, I wanted to find more primary sources...

Bandbox with Lid, 1790-1799

19th century Bandbox with Dominoes 

German Box c.1770

 Buy a Bonnet Box, 1804

Are those bandboxes for wigs in the bottom left?
The Patriotick Barber of New York, 12 February 1775
 Colonial Williamsburg Accession Number 1946-100

And is that a hat bandbox above the bed in this Hogarth print? 
A Harlot's Progress, Plate 3, The Harlot at her Dwelling in Drury Lane

Hannah Glasse in The Art of Cooquery Made Plain and Easy, 1788, 
requires using a band-box in this receipt.

The 1760 play The Devil in the Wine Cellar refers to a band-box. 

And this 1771 source, Copies of the Depositions of the Witnesses Examined in the Cause of Divorce, refers to a band-box several times.

How should I put my little box to good use...storing sewing supplies, ribbons, letters? There are "sew" many options!


  1. I thought about taking that workshop too but I took the quilted petticoat workshop instead. Your box looks great! I love the picture of all the boxes together on the fire place mantle.

    1. Thanks! Sorry we didn't get to meet...maybe at the next Hive. :)

    2. I hope so too. I'm going to try and make it to at least one more. The Challenge event this year sounds really interesting too!

  2. Very nice! There's a similar sewn box in the collection where I work.

  3. Hello, I was also in the petticoat workshop downstairs but would have enjoyed this workshop, too. Did you start with flat cardboard or a box form and just cover it? Do you have any more photos showing the process? if so, would you kindly post? Thank you! Vicky

    1. Hi Vicky,
      We used pasteboard to construct the box, which was then covered with reproduction wallpaper. Sorry that I can't share more construction details, but I know there is discussion that the instructor might offer a similar workshop again! Best of luck with quilting your petticoat!

  4. Great, I will watch for it. they don't have those workshops often enough!! I'm enjoying your website.

    1. Thanks! I'll try to remember to share something here if I hear of any similar workshops in our area!


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