06 October 2013

What Cheer Day: My Dear Cousin Kitte

October 6, 1800

My dear cousin Kitte,

I offer you my deep gratitude for helpin me secure a meetin with Mrs. Mason on Saturdy last. Her new born babe was a joy to meet. I think the child was taken with me for she utter'd not one cry in my presence!

I hope Mrs. Mason found that I am of good character as my letter of reference from my employer Mr. Wanton suggested. I'm hopeful in becomin Mrs. Mason's maid when she sets up housekeepin, though I realize it's her mother Mrs. Brown who is makin the decision. Has Mrs. Brown made any indication to you about who might fill the position? Or has Mr. Brown not yet returned from his travels to discuss the matter?

Enclosed are several sketches that I made during my visit to Providence. Should Mr. Herreshoff and Miss Brown ever see these images, I hope they are not angered that I took the liberty to preserve their likeness. Miss Brown's gown was of a most elegant fashion one would almost think that it was French! Tis a style that has not been seen along Thames Street here in New Port and I could not help myself in wanting to preserve it in my memore. Aye I know you disapprove of the pleasures I take in frippery. Though you know well my thoughts on the novels that you oft find yourself overcome by.

Twas a shame I had to leave in haste given my ailment. I hope you and Esther were able to enjoy the fresh Rhode Island apples. I hope I shall be returnin to Providence before winter sets and travel off the island becomes impassable. Please keep me abreast of any opportunite for work as I have little confidence that Mr. Wanton's financial situation is as stable as he assures me.

Your humble servant,

Miss Eliza Smith

Mr. Herreshoff with Miss Brown. (I am told they've been courtin for many years. I am no soothsayer but I wouldn't be surprised if they were to marry--someday.)
Meetin the newly married Mrs. Mason to discuss the opportunite of employment as her new nurse maid. Esther stands at the back, I think she was more nervous than I for this meetin.

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