12 May 2014

Reticule, Reticule

The other day at work we were looking at reticules and needlework bags (I know, it's a *tough* job), which got me all inspired. To see a photo of these great bags, click here.

A few years ago I made a little needlework bag, but it now has a coffee stain so it's time for something new. Sew I whipped together this little drawstring bag with vintage table linen in my stash.

 A detail of the drawstring top.

A detail of the side seam.

It's not a  reproduction, but I think it has a nice early 19th century look. Below are a few extant reticules that help illustrate this style.

 White knitted cotton bag with drawstring, early 19th century
This is the same shape as my bag.

Bag 1800-1820
Love those tassels!

First Quarter 19th Century
Good inspiration for a Curtain Along bag made from bobbl-y curtains!

1814 Reticule

Same colors as my bag.

Cotton Bag 1800-1850
National Trust Inventory Number 1350677
Good use of printed cotton gown scraps. I wonder if the bag's 
original owner had a matching gown?

Are you feeling inspired? I made an extra one, which is now listed in my Etsy shop. For more on cute little bags, check out my Pinterest board and, best of all, view this mini video showing the inside of embroidered wallet.


  1. A reticule is so much more elegant than a huge handbag. But the Georgians didn't cart as much stuff around as we do these days!
    Yours is lovely.


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