06 September 2015

2015 The Busiest Summer *Ever*

This was the busiest summer ever! Between camp shutting, event planning, a little traveling and lots of sewing to prepare for programs, I took a blogging hiatus. It's back to school, which means life is back to normal. Here are photo highlights of projects I'll share research and notes regarding, and some event images...

 L'Hermione in Boston and N'port
 Tea in Salem - a new 1812 gown, a poke bonnet...
 ...and a new 1810s girls gown.

 A late 1780s gown for meeting His Excellency.
 An 18th century girl's gown.
 A bed gown...
...and another bedgown.
 A short cloak...AKA a confused mantle.
 Effigies and the Stamp Act Protest
 A wool gown
 Doll undergarments.
Along with Regency shoe trimming, lots of hat trimming and my current project...

Susanna Copley!


  1. Replies
    1. My garden didn't do very well, but I made quick progress on sewing projects!

  2. Very busy! Love the gown's "in progress" shot!

    1. Thanks! I'll be sharing more progress photos and construction details this fall. : )


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