30 April 2011

Livery and Lace: The Royal Wedding's Historic Clothing Connections

Photo linked from the British Monarchy's Filckr page.
Livery is still in style for formal occasions in England. (Or at least I like to think it is.) I learned through TLC's special on preparing for the Royal Wedding that the tailor shop who crafts the livery still creates the waistcoats using 18th century techniques. (Fourteen stitches by hand to the inch!) There's a great spotlight on tailor, Keith Levett, at this blog.

Though this departs from my 18th century focus, I was excited to learn that the lace from Catherine Duchess of Cambridge's wedding gown was handmade by the Royal Needlework School at Hampton Court. Two great articles are on the BBC News website, one about the Carrickmacross lace and the other deconstructing the gown's details


  1. I don't think they hand made the lace, it sounds like they used a range of laces and cut out motifs to applique together, which is not the same thing. A bit of a pity.

  2. Good point, thanks for the comment!


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