26 April 2011

Block Printed Cotton

The Mary Dickenson Shop at Colonial Williamsburg sells printed cotton that is reproduced from their collections. Their new fabric is a gorgeous printed cotton, named Scrolling Floral Stripe, that comes in blue or purple. I was told that this print came from a bed curtain in CW's collections that was scaled down for garments. Unfortunately I can't find the original in their online catalog.

Colonial Williamsburg's Wavy Floral

Most of the fabric measures 60 inches wide and sells for $12 a yard, with free shipping. The only downside to this great cotton is that it's only available directly through the store (it can be difficult to speak with a salesperson on busy days) or, obviously, visiting CW.

Word on the street - the Battings pattern is being discontinued. This is reproduced from a late 18th century child's dress, seen here (accession number 1992-139).

(Sorry this photo is a little washed out.)
Another repro fabric includes this scrolling floral print from a Woman's English Gown (accession number 1991-450) which I heard might be discontinued this year.

I'm hopeful that this printed cotton will be reproduced in next year's lineup (accession number 1991-465,A) along with the print on this jacket (accession number 1962-259), and that they will sell these through their website / catalog in the near future. 

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