29 February 2012

Leibster Blog Award

I was honored this past weekend when Mrs. C from The Hectic Eclectic awarded me with the Leibster Blog award! Thank you Mrs. C!!

I'm not sure where the award originated, but my understanding is that the Leibster Blog Award recognizes blogs with less than 200 followers and I am to pass along the honor to five other blogs.

Having become quite the costume blog junkie during the last year, it's hard to narrow it down. Here are my nominees...

All The Pretty Dresses - Isabella chronicles antique textiles sales, which I find both fascinating and a helpful source for primary research.  

At the Sign of the Golden Scissors -  Hallie's blog is a treasure trove of helpful research! I'm not sure how many followers she has but I suspect there are more than 200.

Couture Courtesan - Samantha makes beautiful costumes from all eras and I always enjoy seeing photos of the many events she wears them to.

Dames a la Mode - Taylor makes beautiful 18th and early 19th century gowns, and shares her fabulous primary research and resources.
Diary of a Mantua Maker - ColeV's projects are so interesting and admirable (especially her posts on shoe making), but like Hallie's blog I'm not sure how many followers she has.
Fashionable Frolick - Sisters Ashley and Rebecca share their history adventures from costumes to genealogy to historic sites. 

Kleidungum 1800 - The talented author behind Kleidungum 1800 focuses on early 19th century gowns...and fortunately for those of us who don't know German, her posts also offer English translations.

My Vintage Visions - Emily offers more great research and shares her costume creations from many eras.

Picking for Pleasure - Nicole's research is top notch. Her posts are incredibly informative and helpful for those of us who want to become well informed antique shoppers.

Rococo Atelier - Sanna shares more great research, tutorials and her costume recreations, which I find inspiring.

Stay-ing Alive - Abby's presentation about costume blogs at last year's CSA conference inspired me to create my blog. I hope that amidst the chaos of wedding planning (which I can relate to!) she can return to blogging in the near future.

Stuck in the 18th Century - Kristin's blog is another interesting one as she often faces similar challenges to myself as we are both fairly new to sewing...and I am quite looking forward to her posts about the Mercy Bradford cloak.

Teacups Among the Fabric - The author of Teacups creates 18th century impressions for her family, which I admire since I am trying to do the same for my little one.  

Unfortunately I can only pass the award along to five others. As a blog follower I'm most interested in reading about what others are researching--especially primary research. Thus using research as my primary judging criteria, my five winners are:
  1. Dames a la Mode
  2. Fashionable Frolick
  3. My Vintage Visions
  4. Picking for Pleasure
  5. Staying-Alive
Happy Leap Day!

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