03 February 2012

What's of Pinterest?

I have to confess that I've gone pin crazy.

No, not those pins.

Pinterest crazy. For those new to the app, it's like the social bookmarking site Delicious.com but more visually compelling. I'm finding that Pintrest is an invaluable resource to better organize and review extant garments and other 18th century resources. But unlike Delicious, pinners can't bookmark every site--only sites with images.

For example, my Pinterest page has a file organizing links to fabric swatches. Looking at the samples next to each other helps to better study design similarities (or difference) and, best of all, shop online for similar fabrics.

Plus I've found fun things like...
Recognize this reproduction gown? It's made from paper!

...the work of Isabelle de Borchgrave who recreates amazing items for museums.

My folders are currently organized by gowns, petticoats, accessories, children's garments, shoes, etc. If you're on Pinterest, check it out and pin away. If you're not on the site but need an invite just email me (sew18thcentiry @ gmail.com).

Happy pinning!

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