29 January 2012

Stays Stomacher

The stays stomacher is done. Here's how it came together...

To determine what direction to lay the boning channels, I used the comp below that I saw at the Whitefield House in Guildford, CT.
As you can kind of see, the boning channels are angled together 
in a V shape. 

In an attempt to create symmetrical boning channels, I folded the stomacher in half and aligned the tape from the corner.
I then tried to replicate that angle on the opposite side. 
I put a piece of tape down the center to mimic the green lining from my comp. I then sewed a channel on each side, being sure to line them up so they were close to symmetrical. Unfortunately the shape of my stomacher isn't exactly the same so the Vs are a little crooked in places. But overall I think it works.

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