31 March 2012

Nimble Thimble

My nimble thimble collection.
Hand sewing my stays has forced me to use a thimble, but I'm having a Goldilocks issue. I have a small collection of thimbles and none of them work. They are either...

 ..too big...

 ...too small...
I think these are child sizes.

...or too awkward.
These are historical reproductions...they look nice but are not the right solution for me.

And the one that is closest to being a nimble thimble is turning my finger green.

This shouldn't be a big surprise because it only cost $1. I've lined the inside with clear nail polish but I'm pretty sure this is just a temporary solution. Can anyone offer some nimble tips to find a Goldilocks thimble? 

18th century thimble 


  1. What about leather quilter's thumbs? I always use one for stays sewing - for the seams, anyway. They're flexible but strong.

  2. Great idea! I will look into that...thank you!

  3. I second that idea. I use a size small leather thumb on my middle finger. I love it.

  4. I usually don't use thimbles, but when I'm sewing extra-thick things (like modern military uniform rank---uuugh) I use one with a really solid "notch" on it for pushing the needle through. For most sewing, I actually just wrap on a band-aid if the needle start to dig! A leather thimble would probably work better though :)


Your feedback is appreciated. :)