06 April 2012

Easter Bonnets

Since Easter is this weekend, it's hard not to think about 18th century bonnets and hats. Here's are a few favorites...
Les incommodities de Janvier 1786
Lewis Walpole Library, Accession Number 786.02.20.01

The Bumless Beauties, 1788
Lewis Walpole Library, Accession Number 788.01.01.01

C. Brethertonf. Jany. 7th. 1782.

National Trust Collections, Accession Number 1349840
 Feathers, linen and silk, hand-stitched with silk and linen thread, 1750-1770
Quite possibly the ultimate 18th century "Easter bonnet"...

...and the lucky lady who got to wear a version of that "ultimate Easter bonnet."

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