30 May 2012

Ready, Set, Sew

This floral cotton fabric has been sitting in my closet for over two years. It's time to make a new gown! 

It's one of the Windham Fabric cotton prints reproduced from Colonial Williamsburg's collections that are available at the Mary Dickenson Shop to purchase by the yard. (There's free shipping!)

 I really love the red flowers...

   ...and this blue sprig!

I made a new bodice pattern, which should fit well over my new stays. I attached the shoulder strap so it's continuous with the bodice. There's an example of a gown with a shoulder strap like this in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion on p39 (National Trust Inventory Number 1348724). To reflect the 1780s fashion, the bodice is front closing and the shoulder strap is fairly skinny.

My deadline to complete this gown, and a new petticoat: Fourth of July. Ready, set, sew!


  1. Aaah, I am LOVING this fabric! I clicked your link and it directed me to a directory of Williamsburg shops... but no online store. Does Mary Dickinson have an online shop? Or would I order it from Windham Fabrics? I would rather buy it from the smallest shop.

    1. Unfortunately CW doesn't sell it in their online store and they are the only vendor that I know carrying it. You have to call the Mary Dickinson shop directly (I think that link had a general number for CW where you can then ask to be transferred to the store.) I can't recall if it was $10/yard or $12/yard. Good luck!

  2. Love that fabric! Looks like just the perfect thing for a summer gown.
    Last I saw at Mary Dickinson's shop (earlier this month) there was another, similar gorgeous printed fabric for sale, but it is much represented at the moment (and if you see it, you'll know why!).
    Best of luck to you on meeting your deadline! Happy sewing!


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