01 June 2012

June Giveaway

What to win an antique book? Here's your chance to get a free copy of a vintage primary source, Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches volume two.

Here's the rules:

Leave a comment below and explain how you would use this antique book.
  • Primary research for a thesis? 
  • Recover it so it's period appropriate for living history/reenacting events? 
  • Frame the prints? 
  • Keep it as-is for a home decor display?

The winner will be announced on Friday June 8, 2012!


  1. I would put it on the shelf with my other vintage history book but not before scanning many of the images so I can print them out and frame them. If there is any images with hats I would post them on my page Facebook.com/lecuredent

  2. Donah Zack Beale02 June, 2012 13:04

    I would cover it with some lovely reproduction 18th century wallpaper that I have, and present it to my son, William Stuart Zack Crawford for his 20th birthday, for him to use at reenacting events. William has been reenacting for 20years and 9 months. He is currently a member of the 2nd NJ, the 3rd PA, the 43 Rgt of Foot and the British Det Hospital. He is also a member of the 28th PA Civil War Unit.

    While doing a medical program with me in Williamsburg several years ago, he told me he was born into the hobby, and wanted to die in the hobby, and spend his life teaching others to love history the way he does.

    He is a reenactors reenactor, and worthy of such a lovely object

    Donah Zack Beale

  3. I am a historian and my husband is a English PhD student so I think we would both fight over it. I would just appreciate its beauty and historic value.

    shankyouverymuch11 at yahoo dot com

  4. I would absolutely thoroughly read it, then recover it so that it may be gently used at reenactments and living histories.
    Erika Louis Onsager


Your feedback is appreciated. :)