24 June 2012

Gown Progress

I'm feeling "out of gown shape" but my 1780 floral cotton gown is nearly done. It's been almost a year since I made a gown and the process has taken longer than I had anticipated--partly due to refreshing my memory / fixing a few parts and partly because sewing was easier before my toddler could toddle.
 I like the continuous bodice strap. 

 The pleating is OK, though it could benefit from a serious starch and ironing session. 

Attaching the sleeves was slightly torturous. It took me four attempts to cut a proper right sleeve because I had forgot that the sleeves should mirror each other when laid on a one sided fabric. Duh!

 I'm told that the center back is pleated too widely. I tried to pleat it so that the print looked "appeasing" but I guess it would have been better to focus on narrow pleats so the gown better reflects the era I'm representing.

 Notice the pieced fabric at the center back skirt panel. I cut this panel too short and had to add this but when I flat felled the seam on the left side, the part of the selvedge that lists the pattern number was visible. Oops! 

Here's a peek from the inside. 
To correct that, I added a small patch to cover the modern looking numbers. 

Time to finish the trim and cut my fabulous petticoat fabric!


  1. This is gooorgeous! I love the fabric, and your en fourreau is splendid


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