01 June 2013

Awards, awards and Instagram

Earlier this spring two fellow bloggers shared awards with me. Unfortunately my growing list of competing priorities have slowed my response--and my ability to follow the ever growing list of great costume / history blogs.

Many thanks to Megan from The Mistress of Disguise for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and to...

...Loni from Clearwater Cottage for passing along the Leibster Blog Award!

In the spirit of the awards, here are a few random facts about me: 
  1.  Last year my brother won a big ol' flat screen TV in a golf tournament that I ended up with it. (Such a struggle right?) This thing has wifi so I'm loving watching all the random stuff on YouTube this like this fascinating presentation by Dr. Ballard about finding the Titanic .
  2. I can walk to the beach from my house.
  3. I love coffee and most coffee drinks. 
  4. My sister dances in a professional contemporary dance company.
  5. As I've mentioned before, I'm crazy about Instagram.

I'm afraid my competing priorities have hindered my ability to nominate other bloggers who meet the criteria, who have not yet received the award, etc. Instead I'd like to highlight some awesome Instagram pages. (If you're not an Instagrammer, you can still check out many members' photos via the links below to Instagram.com.)
  1. 1st Foot Guards - This newer and growing Instagram site has reenacting photos.
  2. Cath Kindston - The British handbag company has a fun page and I'm loving following their photos of their new marketing campaign celebrating their 20th anniversary, Everything's Coming Up Roses.
  3. New England Living - Alyson's photos of the New England landscape and architecture are simply stunning.
  4. The Freedom Trail Run - As they sum it up: "The active way to tour Boston."
  5. Gizziello - Gio's photos capture 18th century Italy.
  6. Rev War Heart - Jac's architecture photos are among my favorites on Instagram.
  7. Drifting Focus - Kelsey, who you may know from her blog HistoricallySpeaking.DriftingFocus.com, is a dedicated photographer.
  8. Ornamented Being - Lizzie, who you may know from her Tumblr page Ornamented Being, captures London and I especially enjoy her sewing adventures.
  9. Newport History - One of the few museums with an Instagram page.
  10. The Bury Man - More photos of historic Boston.

Here's a little preview of summer posts: heirloom plants, a new shift, sewing a sea bag, and decorating with 18th century inspiration. Time to get back to work!

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