15 September 2013

c.1800 Accessories

In building my c.1800 wardrobe, I've been browsing for accessories. Here are some goodies I've recently grabbed...

"Coral" Necklace

I found this string of coral colored plastic beads at a flea market-type fair that was super easy to turn into a necklace. I used black silk ribbon from my stash that I sewed to the string...

Beaded necklace, 1725-1800
If I come across that jewelry vendor again, I'm going to buy three strands so I can make a version similar to the one above.

"Black Pearl" Necklace

While on vacation in Québec last month, which happened to be mad sale season, I found this long "black pearl" necklace on clearance at Le Château Entrepôt.

I plied off the lobster claw clasp and sewed on vintage black grosgrain ribbon. My documentation for this is...
...this 1795 French fashion plate, from my print collection. My new necklace isn't long enough to wrap around three times but for $10 (in Canadian cash) it's a fun find to help build my stash.

Linen Shoes

Also in Québec at Le Château I found a pair of beige linen flats.

I snipped the fabric crisis-cross bit off the toe. They're not as pointy as I'd lik, but I thought it was unique to find affordable linen shoes. I'm now hunting for the right ribbon to create the "pointe shoe" look that's seen in the print below.

The Graces Comparing Sandals, 1798
I love seeing the turbans on the left.

Pointy Shoes

Lastly I snagged these cute flats from The Bohemian Belle. I have not yet found documentation for the removable clip but they're way better than my shiny pleather flats and they're really comfy.


  1. Don't know if you have purchased your coral necklace or not but you can find inexpensive strands of beads on ebay.

    1. I found the coral stand of beads at a flea market-type fair, but it's good to know where to find them online...thanks for the tip!


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