08 September 2013


Last weekend I started my c.1800 What Cheer Day gown. The bodice is drafted and the fabric is mostly cut but I realized that I didn't have any lavender/lilac colored thread in my stash. Our local Joanne's didn't carry the right shade in cotton or silk thread--only polyester.


Given my time crunch (October 5th!) I don't have the ability to shop around to find a period appropriate thread. So I compromised and bought the polyester thread for my pretty light weight cotton fabric. : (

It doesn't pull as nicely as a natural fiber, so it's not as fun to use. The color is right so I'm making do, though I'm not crazy about it.

Have you ever had to compromise on a sewing project that you were disappointed with at the time? Afterwords were you OK with your compromise...or did the compromise ruin the project?


  1. That's very pretty fabric. Is it white and lilac, as it looks in the picture? Why not use white thread, since the poly bothers you? I'm sure no one else in the world will notice if its not natural fibre, but if it bothers you, it kind of takes the fun out of it.

    Best, Caroline

    1. Thanks! I tried using white...I found that, because the lilac overpowers the white stripe on the fabric, it makes the white thread stand out too much. I'm sure I'll get over the polyester thing in a few weeks. : )

  2. Color matching is important! I've done the same thing you've done, and used rayon thread on a green bonnet because that was all that matched.

    My Philadelphia runaway gown is lined in a cotton-linen blend fabric I don't like. At first, I hated the gown because of it but now I like it: what I do when I wear the gown matters more than the materials only I know about. I hope that proves true for you as well.

    1. Thanks, I hope so too...I have a feeling that this detail will matter less once I've given more life to the project and "Betsy Smith".


Your feedback is appreciated. :)