05 January 2014

The New Year

Twelfth Night Party

December disappeared faster than I could sew. With today being Twelfth Night and the Christmas season ending, I've made resolutions to get back to blogging.

Here's a preview of my upcoming projects and a few blogging resolutions...
  1. Converting my c.1800 What Cheer Day gown to something passable for the early 1820s.
  2. A new wool gown to go with the stomacher I "flowered" ages ago--and related research.  
  3. The Court Ensembles Project--and my struggle to determine what is going on with the trim on Lady Willoughby's gown. (See photo below.)
  4. Transition stays and related underwear.
  5. History Home Decor: I've slowly been decorating our 21st century house with all aspects history to add character amidst the newer construction. Once I reach my 2014 home decorating goal of painting, I will share photos and our research.
  6. More late 18th/early 19th century research and clothing, especially a spencer jacket.
  7. More photos from events. I often find it hard to take out my camera and capture photos while attending events in period attire. I always love seeing pictures from events and I'm going to try to do a better job this year of taking images.
  8. And, time permitting, research on a few unique antiques such as the awesome lappet cap.
My c.1800-turned-c.1820-gown.

A bit of "history home decor" and a set of early 19th century prints.
What is going on with the trim on Lady Willoughby's gown?!
Happy sewing in 2014! (Image taken at Mystic Seaport, December 2013.)

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