08 November 2014

What Cheer Wear: A Cheery Bonnet

For last year's What Cheer Day I whipped up a simple 1799 bonnet. This year I was smitten with this 1807 print of Ann Franklin Lewis that I found on Pinterest (Thank you Jenny Lafleur!!) which I used as inspiration for a quick retrim.

 I made self trim with red silk scraps to match the trim on my gown. (More on the gown soon, I hope.)

 I sewed little feather pads with red wool and feathers. (An extra set is listed on my Etsy shop.)

 I cheated and pinned everything in place...

 ...and declared it done.

 Image courtesy Kitty Calash's What Cheer Day Review

Last year on What Cheer Day my bonnet wouldn't stay in place and I spent mmuch of the day balancing it on my head. This year I remembered a hat pin and didn't want to take off my cheery bonnet. : )

Below is a photo of my freshly painted, newly redecorated (with a nod to Cath Kidston) and now super organized sewing space which I thought you all would appreciate.

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