15 December 2014

A Little Shoe Review

Finding period-correct children's shoes is nearly impossible. Fugawee used to sell them for about $50, but they're no longer available. Burnley & Trowbridge sells nice kid's shoes but they run too narrow for my family...and they're pricey ($75-$90). The few options leave me considering to sew them myself, and I'm not up for that adventure. So what's a kid to wear? For those with the same struggle, here's a little shoe review of a few options we tried this year.
I bought these Mary Janes in red from Shrimp & Grits for about $20. They're cute, they run close to size and look appropriate with her white leading strings gown. They have a rubber sole, some support on the sides and the velcro closer is well-hidden, though they're not made for wearing every day. Miss A scratched the red off the side button when sitting "criss cross applesauce". But for occasional use, combined with the cost, this is my #1 option.

I found a pair of black cotton hand sewn shoes similar to this pair on ebay. They're fine for a photo shoot, and they're super cheap, but they're not made for extended wearing. There's no support and hardly any traction on the sole. (When my daughter would run, she kept falling.) You can see a photo of her wearing them with her purple gown here.

Others have recommended this boys dress shoe from Payless, which we have found to be a good option. (If I could attach a small buckle, it would look perfect.) It's sturdy / good for running and costs less than $20, but my daughter prefers girly shoes.

Next season we'll try this handmade shoe by Bear Feet Kids Shoes on Etsy, which costs about $30.
What shoes does your little one wear?


  1. Perhapsyou can convince American Duchess to break into kids' shoes too ;-)

    1. It would be fun to have matching mother/daughter shoes!

  2. My children, when they were small, wore shoes that I handmade. But TBH I don't recommend this, it was difficult! May I suggest a jazz oxford? You can girlie it by replacing the shoelaces with pretty silk ribbons:

  3. You can repair the criss cross damage with matching nail polish,

  4. Thank you for this! I've been trying to find something for my daughter, and luckily she's too young to care much about pretty. :D


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