05 January 2015

Winter Wear

Though this has been a mild winter, it's cold enough to inspire some winter wear research. For two winters I've been itching to make...

 ...this yellow cloak. I love the color combination and fur trim. Given the way the fabric rests around her shoulders, I think it's a capelet, similar to what a men's cloak would feature, and not a typical lady's cloak hood.

 The angle of this 1786 Ann Lewis illustration is a good model for draping the capelet. And I love the color combination.

This 1781 cloak features a slightly more dramatic capelet.

But I could just chicken out and make a fur-trimmed hood, like this 1758 cloak shows.

Moving forward, I'd like to make this 1804 oversized muff 
someday...which could probably double as a throw pillow.

And for anyone wanting to make a furry Regency coat, I found a good source for this 1814 fur. Haberman Fabrics's Chincilla Faux Fur is a close color match.

Though their fur is a little pricey, I've generally found that it's a decent quality that doesn't feel like a synthetic fiber and look blatantly fake. And this one is currently on sale!

Images two-six found via Pinterest.


  1. I've always loved that yellow and red winter ensemble! MAKE IT! It's currently 6 below zero where I am, and I'm contemplating wearing my short cloak around the house so you know you'll find an excuse to wear it :)

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  3. it actually is a hood! if you look at garsault's diagram for cutting a "pelisse", it includes a hood. the ladies of the margaret hunter millinery shop made one a few years ago. if you look for "18th century pelisse" you should be able to find more info on them.



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