01 March 2015

Don't Be *Reticuless*

Yes, I love bad puns.

Waaay back last summer when Kitty Calash and I were prepping for our millinery shop in Salem, we patterned little reticules based after Ackermann fashion prints in the book Fashions in the Era of Jane Austen. Well Kitty did more patterning. I did more chatting. Below are photos of two that I prepped for Salem, along with a few other reticules and an over-sized workbag I had made last year...

This bag is about the size of my hand, which is small. I can wear child's gloves. To make this more accommodating...
...we made little side slits, much like petticoat pocket slits.

The bag is lined with a linen-cotton fabric.

...and features a little gold trim leftover from my 1812 ballgown.

This coral silk is the same fabric as the sash and leading strings on my daughter's 18th century gown. She's quite fond of it and used it regularly in Williamsburg last fall. In fact, she's holding it in this photo that we took right before attending an evening program at the Palace, which was later featured on Colonial Williamsburg's blog, MakingHistoryNow.com. (Scroll to #5.)

This little gold silk bag was the second one we patterned.
It has a drawstring top...
...lined with the same fabric...
...and true to Regency style, it's small.

The two bags on "display" in our early 19th century millinery shop. 
 Inspired by these little projects, but wanting a bag that's a more realistic size (I'm a #TotesBig fan), I made this late 18th century workbag....

 ...based on this French print from Pinterest.

My adaptation, made from blue silk, is four sided.
It's trimmed with red silk just like my 1807 Ann Frankline Lewis gown...
...and has cute little tassels.

My iPad mini fits in comfortably.
Being in the reticule spirit, I made this little bag which is available in my Etsy shop...
...and is inspired by this Costume Parisien print from Pinterest.

As well as this classic reticule, which is also in my Etsy shop.
And yes, it's based after another French fashion print.

If you're craving more on reticules, click here for a great terminology post by the Dreamstress and peruse  extant bags on my Pinterest board.


Your feedback is appreciated. :)