21 March 2015

Lucy Locket's Little Pocket

It's always nice to complete a lingering project!

I started a little embroidery kit two years ago...

A progress photo from spring 2013.

...and then got distracted, and forgot about it. It's a Scissors Pocket kit by Wellingsley Studio (WS doesn't seem to have an internet presence). The kit contained wool and silk threads, linen screenprinted with the pattern, and the usual directions. The mountains of winter snow provided extra time to stitch up the remainder, as you can see in the following images...

The buttonhole stitch on the flowers was fun.
The flower buds should have been French knots, but they didn't knot well. The leaves are worked in double satin stitch, and the flower pot pattern is satin stitch with some stem stitches.
Please ignore the sloppy blue bit at the bottom!

The flower stems are just back stitches.
Et voila!

To finish the project, I assembled it just like my 18th century pocket.

It's tiny...
 ...but good for four year-old fingers.
 It's bound with silk scraps...

 ...and was all handsewn.

The back features a scrap of printed cotton.

I'm calling it Lucy Locket's pocket and am using it to store my daughter's "history work" marbles, which are from Plimoth Plantation. She's requested to do more "history work" this year and, when events arise, we have a new period-appropriate toy to tote.


  1. This looks great! Beautifully done. And yes I completely agree about the good feeling of completing an old project. In January I finally finished my crewel embroidered stomacher.

    1. Thanks! It's not perfect, but it's fun to sew and very exciting when it all comes together!


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