17 March 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green

To celebrate St. Patty's Day, and end my "green week" on a high note, I'm highlighting some great greenery...

c.1770 stays 
Historic New England, Accession Number 1936.409

Mid 18th century woman's stays 
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Accession Number 1903-135

c.1780 Silk Apple Green English Gown
National Trust UK, Accession Number 602787
1778-1785 Sack Back Gown
1770-1780 French Sacque Back Gown,
PMA, Accession Number 1981-9-2a

American, late 1790s gown
MFA, Accession Number 51.1968

Late 18th century French figured silk jacket bodice
From Augusta Auctions

18th century dark green figured silks shoes
From Augusta Auctions

c.1775 Child's leather pudding cap
 From Vintage Textiles

Late 18th century green silk calash

 18th century silk quilted petticoat

OK it's time for a shamrock shake! 

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