12 April 2012

Keep It Under The Hat

In February I took The Hive's hat trimming workshop. Borrowing from techniques learned during the class and a little poking online, I was inspired to try recreating a hat with a cotton lining much like this example...
National Trust Collections Accession Number 1349841
1750-1760 Straw hat, silk ribbon ties later addition

I knew of this cotton lining...
 Victoria & Albert Accession Number IS.231976
Chintz fabric used as the lining for a straw hat

...and, after a little online snooping, I found two other examples that some lucky duck has in hir private collection...
1780s/chintz c.1715, 19th century ribbons of green brocade woven with terracotta and yellow silks
c.1780 straw hat lined with a mid blue silk brocade, red silk striped ribbons

I decided to snip some of  the pretty cotton from a baby banyan that I never finished.
I made a pattern to fit the size of the hat and trimmed the gown.
I sewed in the lining and was excited to try the ribbon trimming techniques that I learned during the workshop which resulted in...
...this example. No sooner had I finished attaching the poofs when I realized my primary sources didn't include trim around the crown. (Duh!) Since I couldn't find a print that showed something similar, I removed the blue ribbon and was determined to find a wide striped ribbon to use for the ties.

I bought this ribbon online from an independent vendor who described it as "Vintage 1920s silk striped ribbon, 4 inches wide, pale pink and beige." Perfect, right!? The vintage velvet ribbon I bought for the pudding cap was great so I didn't doubt the strength of vintage silk. 
I sewed it in, let it sit overnight tied in a nice bow and it kind of disintegrated. Boo! Apparently 1920s silk is very delicate.
Any suggestions for this scrap?

Feeling frustrated and anxious to finish, I added a silk beige ribbon as a temporary placeholder. It's not too bad I guess since I will keep it under the hat.

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