12 March 2014

Newport Quakers

We're so color coordinated.
Image courtesy Newport Historical Society
If you follow Kitty Calash, you know that we've been busy researching Quakers for an event that took place last week.

We read early 19th century letters from the Williams family of Newport, RI, who were a Quaker family, in a c.1730 meeting house that is now used as an exhibit space.

In the three weeks prior to the event I threw together...
  • c1803 silk gown and a new pattern that I drafted.
  • A new lappet cap--based after the antique cap I acquired last fall.
  • A wool shawl, a necessary Quaker woman's accessory. 
  • And a failed "transitional" bonnet.

For a slow sewer, this was an accomplishment. I'll share more on the clothing research and construction in the coming weeks. In the mean time, here are a few photos from the program...

Image courtesy an NHS staff member.

Image courtesy Newport Historical Society
Image courtesy Newport Historical Society


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